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1st class chipboard with wood pattern in brown tones is used. It is lighter than MDF. Beech tree chair legs. Adjustable table. It is produced with materials that are harmless to environment and human health and comply with European E1 standards.The fittings, handles and legs are of high quality and comply with TSE standards. Modular. It was combined using minifix and dowel. In this way, it can be easily dismantled and installed.

 Product WidthHeightDepth
 Console 200 cm 80 cm 45 cm
 Table 170 cm 76,5 cm 90 cm
 Mirror 43,5 cm 70 cm 3 cm


*Product dimensions are standard in Furniture and Sofa types.

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For installation, you can use the installation diagrams that come with your product or on the product page.

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Installation Diagram


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