Who we are? What we do?


We are a family. :) In fact, in the adventure that our founder went on in 1985, his brothers and sisters took place one by one over the years. The adventure, which started with a paper and a pencil, is now a huge operation that keeps the whole family together. In the course of time, hundreds of people have found a place in our family and together with us they are helping people create their living spaces in their own way. In our organization, where every process from design to production is followed gracefully, we have colleagues who have gained their experiences with us or share their experiences with us. We continue our business with the motto em If I do not want to be in my house, I will not produce üret ’. The designs that come from the pen of our experienced architects carry ideas from our colleagues at all levels within our company. Our engineers and technicians use all the possibilities of the science of materials and production techniques to make these designs a reality. Our Marketing and Public Relations departments present the products to our board of directors after a long period of review. First Initiating manufacturing processes to serve our 84 sales points throughout Turkey. Again, our marketing department presents our favorite models at the fairs around the world to the taste of domestic and foreign users. Our priority in the products to be used is to follow every criterion to follow this criterion with ease of use and comfort. However, our most important criterion is to bring our products to the users with the most compatible quality index. Speaking of quality. All raw or processed materials used in our products are purchased in our R & D department by going through a strict inspection according to certain topics such as public health, longevity and ergonomics. As a result of these evaluations, the longer it took us to connect with our business partners, the more robust it became. Therefore, we are proud to tell all our solution partners to users and foreign investors.


Considering that our products are made using organic materials, this situation places a social responsibility on us. We provide the wood materials we use in our production from suppliers who produce trees that are grown for industrial purposes, and we prevent the material we use to form something for the next generations and contribute to our nature by planting new ones instead.


By calculating the amount of trees made by each team product meeting with the user, we plant saplings on behalf of our customers. Moreover, each of our seedlings has names and these names are determined by our customers. When it comes to social responsibility, it is not possible to stick to just one issue. That's why we have many projects in afforestation and so on.


We not only produce specified collection models, but also produce custom-made furniture. Hotel, residence, cafe, restaurant, office etc. special projects for spaces.


So you bought your favorite product and started to use it easily. Do you think you're done with us? Of course not :) We provide 2 year warranty and lifelong service for all our products. Do you want to change the color of your sofa set? Let's look at new fabric models and change them. Are you tired of the decorative materials used in your bedroom set? You can get information from our experts for additional products such as handles, feet, etc. by purchasing the desired model. We are there for you whenever you need help. As you understand, we are a family and we produce beauties for happy places.


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